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“…how I was brokenhearted…”

February 16, 2012

Most people along life’s highway have had their hearts broken. According to Webster’s Dictionary “brokenhearted” is “grieving inconsolably”.  When one is brokenhearted their emotions are raw, nothing seems to really matter, no one or no thing can bring comfort and grief seems like a death sentence…life as one knows it will never be what it once was. 

Suprise…this blog is not about my or your brokenheart and how God repaired it… RATHER it is about God’s BROKENHEART! Yep, you read that right, this verse is written from God’s viewpoint as relayed by the Prophet Ezekiel.  “And those of you that escape will remember Me among the nations where they have been taken captive, how I was brokenhearted through their faithless hearts which turned away from Me, and through their eyes which lusted after their fetishes.” Ezekiel 6:9

Humans are born self-centered and many times we never mature beyond “what’s in this for me?” Goodness, have we ever pondered God having a brokenheart? God grieving inconsolably? We tend to think of God as the Great I AM, the strong tower we hide in, the loving arms that comfort and hold us, the fixer of our problems…again centered on self.

What if today you decided to take a more mature stance in your relationship with God and pondered God being brokenhearted; specifically about “faithless hearts” as the text states the reason for the brokenheartedness. First, we need to understand just what is a “faithless heart”.  A heart without faith is a heart without TRUST or CONFIDENCE in the Almighty. It is a heart whose eyes strongly and passionately desire other “fetishes” …”objects believed by primitive people to embody a spirit and exert magical powers to protect its owner, cure diseases, produce attraction, love, etc.”

Right now you could be signing with relief believing that doesn’t pertain to God’s people today. One could argue, we are certainly not primitive peoples and we are not drawn to carry or look for magical fetishes. With that huge breath of relief leaving your body, you could rationalize this passage comes from another day and time in the past. God obviously has gotten over His brokenheartedness and is back reigning on the throne… afterall, this is a passage from the Old Testament and we have God’s son, Jesus,  who came and fixed everything.

REALLY?! I sense we have come once more full circle and this passage is EVEN MORE REVELAVANT today as it was in Ezekiel’s time! As I stated above, our society is very self-centered and not God-centered. When a marriage falters, we seek divorce to cure our unhappiness; when our health suffers we run to doctors, hospitals, clinics; when our emotions are challenged we dive into prescription drugs telling ourselves it is only until we can handle it; pain, also  is handled through drugs; unplanned pregnancy for many results in a trip to the clinic and we look the other way because afterall it is their body not a child; state run foster care for children unwanted and abused; government dollars for loss of income; state welfare for … the list goes on and on, you get the drift.

WHEN will we learn that these are today’s human fetishes – solutions that are not magical and they are NOT making our world a better place or our lives better? When will we cry and mourn that WE are breaking God’s hearts with our self-centered solutions?  We MUST become God-centered and realize that God’s sons and daughters are made to stand strong in adversity, seeking God’s own heart for divine and yes, even supernatural solutions; trusting Him with complete confidence (a faithful heart) that God, Himself will be The Way and Make a Way for the solutions to our delimmas.

Let us resolve today to come into a maturity that is God-centered, to seek His ways and solutions like never before, to be a REMANENT that “strikes our hands together and stamps our feet and cries out, NO MORE…We will NOT be faithless hearts  BREAKING the VERY HEART OF GOD”!!!

God, Father Almighty,  hear our cries and begin to see us and move on us today as children who desire to be the “consolers & comforters of Your Heart”; those who change their lives from a self-centered approach to a God-centered life of maturity. 

We are looking to You and our desire is to let our mature attitude begin the mending process; don’t let us fall out of the brokenness of Your heart….

The Joy of the LORD is Your Strength…

January 19, 2012

According to Scripture, our strength comes from God’s joy (Nehemiah 8:10) But what is “God’s joy” and how does this provide us with “strength”? According to my bible dictionary, “joy” is a positive attitude or pleasant emotion; a  delight, and is produced by the Spirit of God. …joy looks beyond the present at our future salvation and to our sovereign God who works out all things for our ultimate good, which is to become as His only begotten son, Jesus, the eternal heir and King!  This type of joy is apart from mere happiness which is based on surrounding circumstances and this type of joy is our help even in the most difficult of days…even in the midst of sorrow!

Strength is defined as ability to exert force or ability to resist attack; capacity to resist stress, strain,etc; physical, emotional or mental resources. Obviously to wake-up and move through our days we must have STRENGTH! So God tells us in this scripture that “His Joy”  is not joy we manufacture but HIS…and its purpose is to provide us with STRENGTH; the physical, emotional, and mental resources needed to overcome the negative forces that threaten our ability to function to our best capacity.

So just what is “God’s joy”?   To arrive at that answer, we would need to know what is God “positive about and delighted with” since those are attributes of “joy”. I believe the answer to God’s joy is His creation; the creation that God birthed and brought forth.  “God saw everything he had made, and indeed it was very good (Genesis 1:31).

God’s joy is the same joy a new mother and father feel when the baby they have so longed for arrives. Joy envelopes the couple as  they hold the precious gift they have created together.

The reality is YOU are one of the positive, delightful aspects of God Joy! When God formed you in your mother’s womb, You were His Gift to the World.  God formed you to be a gift that  brings God delight and positively impact the rest of creation.

However, the prince of this world, satan, the one we gave dominion to, the one who hides and works in darkness and negativity, tries daily to destroy God’s perfect gifts to the world. His tools of the trade are discouragement, sickness, depression, disease, unworthiness, etc. When these negatives don’t work, he will resort to corrupting the blessings of fortune and influence by making it self-serving fame…you get the picture. Just because people have money and worldly things doesn’t make them necessarily blessed by God UNLESS they use it for the work of the Kingdom!

So here is my daily prescription for moving in the Will of God for 2012…daily as you enter rest or upon waking….pray…..

  • Almighty God, Adonai, Holy Father, there is only One True God, the God of Jesus the Christ and I affirm you are my one and only God.
  • Cleanse me, wash me from all unrighteousness today…from myself and from others
  • The JOY of THE LORD is my strength…I will be strong today because of Your Joy, Father…help me to walk in it as Your Son, Jesus, did by the Power of the Holy Spirit!
  • May my feet move only on the path You set before me and shepherd me on!

New Year, New View…Putting 2012 in Perspective

January 12, 2012

Where will we be when 2012 comes to a close next year? 

As I sat in my hotel room at the St. Anthony’s on the last night of 2011, I first reviewed the past year…all the challenges, the sorrows (who knew it would be the year of our greatest sorrow – the loss of our son, Jared) the wonderful suprises of delight (who knew we would officially secure our beloved Sierra on her 21st birthday through the engagement of her to our son, Cade), who knew we as a family would walk a hard road of health issues and concerns with our beloved mother, grandmother, etc….I am sure you have your own musings for the year behind you.

Sooner than we think, this New Year will find its close, so next year when we sit here together, how will we view the past…Here is the word God gave me as His messenger for 2012….

“Our security is not in this world, not in our riches, not in our knowledge BUT ONLY in the PRESENCE OF THE LIVING GOD!  Only God can satisfy and fulfill our true self for God formed us and knows us intimately. We are a treasure that must be mined, found, polished & presented to a world that may or may not recognize our worth or value. Look to God, the Heavenly Jeweler that appreciates and affirms our special worth and sets us out as gifts & treasures of His love and grace.

Be not fooled, World, for soon your real master and the restorer of ALL LIFE will return with the HOST of HEAVEN. God is not late or tardy…God is God and only He knows the timepiece the world revolves around. Look up, look up the Horsemen draw near. Secure your tethers to the LORD God Almighty. Hold fast to what He has given you, revealed to you. Be not dismayed  or distressed as  you are worth all the gold in the world to Him. Hold fast to Your Confession of faith. Sing the victory song of heaven: 

OUR GOD reigns & His Dominion is from eternity past to eternity present.  Lo, I AM is always with us ….. PRESENT in every breath we make!    

  • Shine forth as the jewels of His crown
  • Amaze the world with Your resiliency
  • Be strong, be courageous
  • Know and Move in the WILL OF GOD for 2012
  • Make Your testimony count
  • Dwell continuously in the Presence of the MOST HOLY
  • Forewarn those to be in preparation of dread coming in order to snatch from hell the chosen ones’ of God’s glory
  • Turn back & Embrace the God who made you, secure your place in forever through trusting!

THE Joy of the LORD is Your Strength! (Nehemiah 8:10)


“The Call” of Wisdom….

November 8, 2011

Today in our society we have a “wisdom problem”…we do not value wisdom like we value the acquisition of knowledge. The people of God, those who are to be the “salt and the light” …those who are to be wise and who the world should be able to take counsel in…have either been compromised or pushed away as irrelevant. Why…. because the whole world feasts on knowledge and a “fattened intellect” (one full of facts, figures, acquired teachings) is really nothing special!  We must acquire wisdom for the days ahead because our future demands it and many will be counting on us, the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God, to be wise and guide those in distress and need.

Solomon, son of the beloved King David asked for the “gift of wisdom” when he became king. Through this gift, he also wrote the book of Proverbs as a part of his collection of  “wisdom”.  Proverbs 1:20-22  “Wisdom calls aloud in the open air and raises her voice in public places; she calls out at street corners and speaks out at entrances to city gates; ‘How long, you whose lives have no purpose, will you love thoughtless living?”  Solomon reveals that living “without wisdom” produces a random life…a life without purpose… a life of rote living…life without meaning and thought. Sounds like the life of a robot! All knowledge, by itself, can give one is a thoughtless life with little or no meaning, the life of a programmed robot. Jesus, Son of God, did NOT come to lay his life down so we could be robots…no, He came so we could be “world changers”!

Today, we live in a knowledge saturated society. Everywhere we turn there are facts, figures, and information we are instructed to pack into our brains. Supposively we need all this info in order to do our jobs, move to the top of the ladder, lead our families, have great relationships…well the list of what the world thinks this acquired knowledge can do for you goes on and on! Truly though, I see people whose intellects are “stuffed full” of knowledge but doesn’t have a clue in how to manuever for the betterment of our world.  I see people of “fattened intellect”,who are making life-threatening choices for themselves and others. Knowledge without wisdom is like an unmanned car in motion; scary… while being truly unproductive and dangerous to those in its vicinity!

Wisdom, not knowledge is what the world needs in this hour. Wisdom takes knowledge (facts, figures, information), stores it, and then filters it first through the Word of God, next through experiences that reveal patterns for understanding and finally produces right judgement for making “wise” choices.  We are not born wise, it is an acquired training of intellect that God willingly wants to “gift” to us.  Solomon personified Wisdom as the part of God’s spirit who is “calling” to us. Wisdom calls for us to “see” how important the gift of wisdom is and the influence she carries in places of influence. The “city gates” in Solomon’s day were where the people took counsel for their daily decisions from the “wise elders”.  We are being “called” to seek God for this gift of improved and expanded intellect that has the ability to affect our realms of influence.

God’s gift of wisdom helps us become world changers.  Wisdom teaches us how to recognize by “sifting through” the cultural knowledge (facts, news,current teachings, etc) of today, where God is working, how God is working, and how we can make better choices to live the purposeful life God intended in us….a purposeful life  that impacts the world with positive results! Learning to be “wise” leads God to use you as a person of influence. It creates a person who leads others to God and spotlights what God is doing in this hour.  Remember it was the “Wise Men” from the East who discovered and were one of the first to worship Jesus as the King of Kings!

Today we are approaching the “CHRISTmas Season”…. a time where the sons and daughters of God thank God for the gift of His son, Jesus the Messiah. It is also a time of celebrating each others lives through thoughtful gift giving.  Why not  ask God today for the “gift of wisdom” or “more wisdom” if you have already started this deepening intellectual training?  Just think…with the gift Jesus gave us of connecting us to God’s Holy Presence and then receiving the gift of wisdom….why YOU would become one of God’s great gift for our world today!

Become God’s “gift” through wisdom’….our world is counting on YOU to become wise, helping yourself and others make wise choices and judgements that are world changing.

Wisdom is calling,God is giving, receive and be blessed!

I Will Bless the LORD at All Times….

October 27, 2011

To bless means to “fill with benefits, either as an end in itself or to make the object blessed a source of further blessings for others. In another sense the word means to“praise” as “to fill the object of blessing with honor and good words. However, God is most often understood to be the agent of blessing but here in Psalm 34, David, God’s beloved, is pronouncing he will “bless the LORD at all times“.

 “I will bless the LORD (Adonai) at all times; his praise will always be in my mouth, When I boast, it will be about the LORD (Adonai), the humble willl hear of it and be glad.” Psalm 34:1-2.  What you should know about this text is David, who was running away from Saul who sought to kill him, suddenly found himself in the camp of his known enemies, the Philistines. He pretended to be insane when brought before his enemies’ King and so they drove him away. David was afforded a way of escape so that later HE would become King over all of Israel as had been pronounced by God through the prophet Samuel.

David is blessing the LORD even in this hard circumstance. He, who is having to “act insane” is “blessing and praising” the LORD instead of whining and begging God to “bless him” in this dire circumstance. As I studied this scripture it appears to me that it was this very act of “filling his mouth with honor and praise” to his God, Adonai, when in the midst of enemies (that most likely would love to kill him; remember David had killed 10s of 1,000s of them) that made David appear “insane” in the presence of these people. They probably expected him to grovel and beg or at least stand up and try to fight them, but instead he begins praising and speaking of the honor of serving His God, Adonai! No sane man would do this when threatened with extinction would he? Let this fool, go…he is not worth killing!

Looking closer, we realize that actually God is blessing David through David blessing God; David is given a way of escape in the midst of life-threatening cirumstances! Today many of us find ourselves in “dire circumstances”; mourning a sudden loss, life-threatening illnesses, financial woes, marital strife, the unrelenting demands of study in schools, jobs, __________, you name it the list goes on and on.

These “dire circumstances” land us smack dab in the enemy’s camp….a place of anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear….all tools of  the enemy’s warfare. But the Captain of our team and the Author and Finisher of our FAITH calls to us,”sons and daughters of the BELOVED, “Rise up and bless the ONE who continually blesses us”  by “delivering us” just at the right time! 

Remember this is again a time of strengthening those spiritual muscles; training for our reigning eternally with the King of Kings! So fill your mouth with BLESSINGS – Bring  forth “praise and honor” to the LORD no matter what the circumstance. I assure you this will DELIVER YOU!  “Proclaim with me the greatness of the LORD, let us exalt his name together, I sought the LORD and he answered me; he rescued me from everything I feared…Taste, and see that the LORD is good. How blessed are those who take refuge in him!” Psalm 34:3-4,8

BLESS God – show the world we are continually BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING…ones who know the LORD, trust the LORD and His ways and will BLESS the LORD at ALL TIMES. These blessings of praise and honor bring forth “showers of blessings” – proof to others our God lives and reigns in our lives and can be counted on to show up with blessings of deliverance and hope! Bless God…recieve blessings which bless others..which will lead them to bless God  – FULL CIRCLE!

All the Time God is good and His ways are remarkable, I bless you to be a blessing today to God and others……….

The creation waits eagerly…..

October 21, 2011

The word “eager” means marked by urgent and/or enthusiatic desire or interest.  We know that “the creation” is ALL that GOD has made or rather created!  So ALL THAT GOD has created is urgently and enthusiatically waiting in desire for something. JUST what is that something?

YOU are that “possible” something! Here is the text in its fullness from Romans 8:19 “The creation waits eagerly for the sons of God to be revealed”. God has “kinfolks -children”, his sons and daughters, who are to be revealed and ALL OF CREATION is waiting in the wings to see “these hidden ones”.

The idea of hidden comes from the fact that to be revealed something must have first been hidden – out of site.  Babies are “hidden” in their mother’s womb until the day of birth; their day of revealing to all the world!  God, the Creator, has hidden sons and daughters within this created world that ALL of God’s creation eagerly awaits their revealing.

Why is creation so eagar?  To spark such enthusiasm and interest must mean these “ones” are very special.  No one gets excited or interested in a nobody. Somebodies attract attention because they spark our interest or they bring something to us that we desire, need, delight in. Also look at the fact that “creation” – all the world is “waiting” for these “special ones”.  When people “wait, remain inactive in readiness and expectation,” they are being still because they know something or someone is going to “activate” a new dimension, season, role,etc to their lives. Again, like parents waiting for that baby who will radically change and redefine their lives, Creation anticipates these “special ones” who will dramatically change or transform things as Creation knows it; thus the “enthusiatic interest”  and the ability to “wait” for this revealing.

Who are these “sons” (not gender specific)? Jesus, in a foundational discourse on “who is blessed” (many have called this discourse The Beatitudes) teaches this:  “How blessed are those who make peace! for they will be called sons of God. (Matthew 5:9)” The sons of God are those who are “making- creating” peace. Peace, shalom (Hebrew word for peace) is “the absence of chaos; state of calm and quiet; freedom of disturbing thoughts  or emotions; an agreement to end hostilities”.   These “sons” will also be blessed, in other words, carry God’s favor! Wow, now we can “see” why the creation would be “eagarly anticipating the revelation” of these hidden ones!

These “sons- children” of God will be transforming the world around them when they are revealed. God has been “hiding and growing” special sons and daughters to be revealed for the good of creation. These sons and daughters have been refined and tested in hidden places in order to reflect more perfectly the image of the PERFECT SON, Jesus.  When they are revealed, they will do as He did, bring peace – healing (in all its dimensions: physical, emotional, spiritual) and hope to a troubled creation.

ASK yourself today, am I one of these special ones? All of us who have recieved God’s Presence through His only begotten son, Jesus, to become children or sons of God. But  a true “son” of God’s Kingdom has a special purpose…to be “like or as” the Firstborn son of God, Jesus.  So now ask yourself, “Am I sufficiently prepared and ready to be revealed as one of these special sons?” Many of us have been hidden and severly tested and this is why; God is counting on us to be change agents, transformational leaders of peace.

In every generation since the time Jesus physically walked the earth, God has been preparing his “special sons/daughters” for the sake of His beloved creation.  Check yourself, some of us are ready to be revealed for “such a time as this” and some of us are “still in training and waiting in the wings” for our time of revealing. God’s ways are perfect, wait on the LORD because God will use you mightily….God’s creation is counting on it!

May the LORD’s blessings (favor) rest on you today and give you hope!

A Day for Us to Rejoice….

October 6, 2011

This past week, I was awakened around 5 am by the Voice of the Holy Spirit placing this Psalm in my heart: “This is the day the LORD has made, a day for us to rejoice and be glad.” (Psalm 118:24)  Since I had had a rough couple of days, I knew the LORD was attempting to both reassure me that “all things pass -even the roughest of circumstances” and “to prepare me for the day ahead”.  Not even an hour later, the phone rang and one of the members of my community of faith called to let me know that Mildred (one of our oldest and dearest members) had had a stroke, wasn’t expected to live, and the family was asking that I come asap!

As crazy as this may sound to some of you, I knew then why God had blessed me an hour earlier with that verse. Mildred, who I believe to practically be a saint, was about to make her grand entrance into heaven and the angels were already rejoicing.  I flew out of bed, grabbed my clothes, putting them on as quickly as possible, and made it to the hospital in record time. Mildred, although unconcious, was still present in earth time. The family gathered around her and we prayed and released her to the One who had formed her in her mother’s womb, who knew every hair on her head, and had numbered her days on this earth. It was a bittersweet good-bye and send-off but I knew deep inside THIS WAS A DAY TO REJOICE AND BE GLAD!

This is the day the LORD has made, is the beginning of the verse and it has taken on new meaning for me.  God creates each day anew for us and blesses us whether we believe that or not, recieve it or not, and accept it or not.  According to the book of beginnings, Genesis in our Bibles, God created and called it good (Gen. 1:4,1:10, 1:12,1:18,1:21,1:25,) and then blessed us. “God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good.” (Gen. 1:31) “So God created humankind in his own image; in the image of God he created humankind; male and female he created them. God blessed them…” (Gen. 1:27-28)

Rejoice” is the word I have had the most difficulty with as of late. How does one “rejoice” in the midst of death, difficulty, tragedy, or the ordinary trying circumstances that plague many of us daily?  So I did a biblical word search of “rejoice”.  Six times in the book of Deutoronomy the word “rejoice” is linked with being in the Presence of the LORD our God!  We are called to “rejoice- enjoy, celebrate, take joy, sing out, exult,  when we are in the presence of the LORD our God.” 

God has made each and every day. The days were designed to be “good” and we were designed to be “blessed”.  These are the very foundations or reasons for  “rejoicing”; no matter what!  It is the curses of disobedience, disharmony, stife, anger, etc. that cause this world and its people to experience days of tragedy, difficulty, stress, and disharmony.

What if we got up every day and proclaimed, “THIS IS THE DAY the LORD has made,  a day to rejoice and be glad”?  Next we would reminded ourselves we “rejoice” because God is with us and for us and calls us “blessed”! I believe if we proclaimed and reminded ourselves of these truths daily we could face EVERY DAY with deeply abiding joy in our hearts.  Joy, that is based on truth unlike “fleeting happy” which is based on circumstances. My precious friend Mildred based her life on “joy in the LORD” and not on circumstances. I never saw her speak negatively or view circumstances with a dark attitude. She was one of those people it was a “joy” to be around no matter what the day brought…..she just knew the LORD was with her and that gave her joy!

The Holy Spirit used Mildred’s graduation day to heaven to teach me the deeper meaning of “rejoice”. This has been an invaluable lesson for me and for those I shepherd. Mildred’s death gave me a window of hope that no matter what the circumstances I or others face we can “rejoice in the day and be glad”! Before Mildred’s earthly shell emptied itself of  her presence, the angels were already “rejoicing” in anticipation of having her eternally  present with God and the saints above! Thank you Mildred for allowing God to teach us both in your daily life and earthly death. How can we not “rejoice” each day now and be glad in it?!

Rejoice today and be glad because God designs the day for “good” and calls us “blessed”!

Can you feel the excitement of new discovery allowing you to face each day now rejoicing NO MATTER WHAT this day brings……………