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“But intense prayer was being made to God….”

March 27, 2012

Need an answer to a circumstance….pray; Have a problem….pray; have a hurt…pray; sick….pray; down and out …pray; concerns over another – pray; enemy oppressing you…pray; school difficulties….pray; marriage concerns…pray; worry over children…pray!

As the Apostle Peter went out proclaiming the good news of Jesus death and resurrection and the call to new life in Messiah, he landed himself in prison. But through intense prayer Peter was literally set free! Acts 12:5:  “So Peter was being held under watch in prison, but intense prayer was being made to God on his behalf by the Messianic community”. Who is the Messianic community… those who believed in Jesus as Messiah, testified to his death, trusted in his resurrection, and thus flowed in His power – available to every believer who trusts!

Prayer is not a magic potion or a quick solve to your problems but an exercise in developing TRUST and CONFIDENCE in the LORD. When we reject prayer because we think it won’t work we are in shallow water with little trust or faith. Continuing to pray in the midst of extenuating circumstances is to continue to look to God for what He is teaching us!  In the midst of this exercise we go deeper in Him and His purposes. Sometimes the solution to the problem is not what we expect or want but instead God exercises us “intensely” to PRAY THROUGH and develop a stronger connection to God than ever before!

As Jesus journeyed to the cross, He made a final stop at His Father’s House, Matthew 21:12-13, cleansed it and proclaimed: “My house will be called a house of prayer” based on the Prophet Isaiah’s call for God’s house to be “a house of prayer for all nations” – Isaiah 56:7.  

As God’s people who are maturing, we must recognize we house God’s spirit, the place where PRAYER must reside! To be a place of prayer we have to exercise  this gifted connection and TRUST God with the results!  Never, ever deny giving or getting prayer because you haven’t seen results in the natural. We serve a Supernatural God whose timing is ALWAYS PERFECT….wait on Him….Peter did and he was set free!

Be a blessing today….PRAY INTENSELY FOR SOMEONE!

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  1. G. Chandler permalink
    March 28, 2012 8:05 pm

    Excellent post! What a gift you are to me and anyone who will listen.
    Love ‘ya

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