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…the proof of wisdom…

March 5, 2012

Wisdom* comes from maturity in God’s people. If God is brokenhearted over us as I last wrote, it is because we are acting like spoilt babies. We must grow up, accept responsibility and turn our realms of influence around. Yet, how do we recognize maturity and wisdom?  Not only do we need evidence for our own growth but we need evidence for analyzing people for leadership positions.

Matthew 11:19: “…the proof of wisdom is in the actions it produces”. I certainly want to move in maturity and I also want mature “people of God” in today’s leadership positions. Today’s leaders must move and lead in wisdom and the ways of God. These 10 words that end Matthew 11:19 give us all we need for a leadership analysis in wisdom and maturity.

The evidence or proof comes from two words being joined. When the word “action” is  wed to the word “producing”; evidence comes forth of wise and mature leadership.The key word here is “produce”to bring forward, to put forth for inspection, to deliver, to yield, cause to appear. In assessing proof of wisdom we must ask: “What is the end result of what we say, how we act, where we go, who we go with, etc.

God’s ways which produce wisdom are countercultural. They are not the norm of what we or the world expects. Actually these ten words that end Matthew 11:19 are from a passage in which Jesus describes how great John the Baptist is considered in heaven when in fact in personality, styles of ministry, and outreach for God, Jesus and John could not have been more different. Yet, both were and are considered leaders AND change agents sent by God to shape up the Kingdom of God.  Jesus, of course, is our ultimate standard for leadership measure!

Bottom line then is what actions does God expect and what is the evidence that this expectation should produce? Morris Ruddick in his book on leadership, The Heart of a King, gives us eye-opening revelation through his description of maturity:  “The foundation to maturity, as well as to ministry-that-endures is found in the paradoxical Kingdom dynamics imparted to us by Jesus. We extend love to our enemies. Ownership increases by sharing. True leadership is the result of serving. Honor comes through humility. Wisdom is found in simplicity. Making your assets multiply will bring promotion. Growth comes by giving to others. We move forward by yielding. Our purpose in life comes through giving up. Perfect love eliminates fear. In our weakness God’s strength is manifested . We bless those who curse us. We receive when giving (pg. 65).” 

The actions then we need to look for or produce are actions grounded in love for all, sharing, serving, honoring, humility, simplicity, giving, yielding, giving up fear, letting our weaknesses spotlight God’s strength. They are actions all exhibited and highlighted by Jesus himself. To know his life is to understand what actions our lives should produce. These “producing actions” then supply the proof that wisdom is here and God’s sons and daughters are walking in maturity!

Challenge yourself today to produce “proof of wisdom”….God is counting on you!

*To know more about wisdom read earlier blog…The Call of Wisdom

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  1. G. Chandler permalink
    March 6, 2012 2:32 pm

    I have been to CHURCH now.
    Great teaching. I think you can preach this for the rest of the year.

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