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“…how I was brokenhearted…”

February 16, 2012

Most people along life’s highway have had their hearts broken. According to Webster’s Dictionary “brokenhearted” is “grieving inconsolably”.  When one is brokenhearted their emotions are raw, nothing seems to really matter, no one or no thing can bring comfort and grief seems like a death sentence…life as one knows it will never be what it once was. 

Suprise…this blog is not about my or your brokenheart and how God repaired it… RATHER it is about God’s BROKENHEART! Yep, you read that right, this verse is written from God’s viewpoint as relayed by the Prophet Ezekiel.  “And those of you that escape will remember Me among the nations where they have been taken captive, how I was brokenhearted through their faithless hearts which turned away from Me, and through their eyes which lusted after their fetishes.” Ezekiel 6:9

Humans are born self-centered and many times we never mature beyond “what’s in this for me?” Goodness, have we ever pondered God having a brokenheart? God grieving inconsolably? We tend to think of God as the Great I AM, the strong tower we hide in, the loving arms that comfort and hold us, the fixer of our problems…again centered on self.

What if today you decided to take a more mature stance in your relationship with God and pondered God being brokenhearted; specifically about “faithless hearts” as the text states the reason for the brokenheartedness. First, we need to understand just what is a “faithless heart”.  A heart without faith is a heart without TRUST or CONFIDENCE in the Almighty. It is a heart whose eyes strongly and passionately desire other “fetishes” …”objects believed by primitive people to embody a spirit and exert magical powers to protect its owner, cure diseases, produce attraction, love, etc.”

Right now you could be signing with relief believing that doesn’t pertain to God’s people today. One could argue, we are certainly not primitive peoples and we are not drawn to carry or look for magical fetishes. With that huge breath of relief leaving your body, you could rationalize this passage comes from another day and time in the past. God obviously has gotten over His brokenheartedness and is back reigning on the throne… afterall, this is a passage from the Old Testament and we have God’s son, Jesus,  who came and fixed everything.

REALLY?! I sense we have come once more full circle and this passage is EVEN MORE REVELAVANT today as it was in Ezekiel’s time! As I stated above, our society is very self-centered and not God-centered. When a marriage falters, we seek divorce to cure our unhappiness; when our health suffers we run to doctors, hospitals, clinics; when our emotions are challenged we dive into prescription drugs telling ourselves it is only until we can handle it; pain, also  is handled through drugs; unplanned pregnancy for many results in a trip to the clinic and we look the other way because afterall it is their body not a child; state run foster care for children unwanted and abused; government dollars for loss of income; state welfare for … the list goes on and on, you get the drift.

WHEN will we learn that these are today’s human fetishes – solutions that are not magical and they are NOT making our world a better place or our lives better? When will we cry and mourn that WE are breaking God’s hearts with our self-centered solutions?  We MUST become God-centered and realize that God’s sons and daughters are made to stand strong in adversity, seeking God’s own heart for divine and yes, even supernatural solutions; trusting Him with complete confidence (a faithful heart) that God, Himself will be The Way and Make a Way for the solutions to our delimmas.

Let us resolve today to come into a maturity that is God-centered, to seek His ways and solutions like never before, to be a REMANENT that “strikes our hands together and stamps our feet and cries out, NO MORE…We will NOT be faithless hearts  BREAKING the VERY HEART OF GOD”!!!

God, Father Almighty,  hear our cries and begin to see us and move on us today as children who desire to be the “consolers & comforters of Your Heart”; those who change their lives from a self-centered approach to a God-centered life of maturity. 

We are looking to You and our desire is to let our mature attitude begin the mending process; don’t let us fall out of the brokenness of Your heart….

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  1. February 16, 2012 1:18 am

    Thanks Pastor Linda, this is a bull’s eye! We are entrapped with the spirit of entitlement.
    I deserve this. I don’t deserve that. In America we are closing to making government our God. That is breaking the Lord’s heart.

    Bless you Evelyn

  2. February 16, 2012 4:51 pm

    Thanks Evelyn, as the Lady of God’s Love YOU KNOW How HIS HEART Breaks, I could not sleep last night after I wrote this….praying, praying, praying….thanks so much for your encouragement!

  3. February 17, 2012 2:51 am

    good word;
    I’d like to see more on maturity

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