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New Year, New View…Putting 2012 in Perspective

January 12, 2012

Where will we be when 2012 comes to a close next year? 

As I sat in my hotel room at the St. Anthony’s on the last night of 2011, I first reviewed the past year…all the challenges, the sorrows (who knew it would be the year of our greatest sorrow – the loss of our son, Jared) the wonderful suprises of delight (who knew we would officially secure our beloved Sierra on her 21st birthday through the engagement of her to our son, Cade), who knew we as a family would walk a hard road of health issues and concerns with our beloved mother, grandmother, etc….I am sure you have your own musings for the year behind you.

Sooner than we think, this New Year will find its close, so next year when we sit here together, how will we view the past…Here is the word God gave me as His messenger for 2012….

“Our security is not in this world, not in our riches, not in our knowledge BUT ONLY in the PRESENCE OF THE LIVING GOD!  Only God can satisfy and fulfill our true self for God formed us and knows us intimately. We are a treasure that must be mined, found, polished & presented to a world that may or may not recognize our worth or value. Look to God, the Heavenly Jeweler that appreciates and affirms our special worth and sets us out as gifts & treasures of His love and grace.

Be not fooled, World, for soon your real master and the restorer of ALL LIFE will return with the HOST of HEAVEN. God is not late or tardy…God is God and only He knows the timepiece the world revolves around. Look up, look up the Horsemen draw near. Secure your tethers to the LORD God Almighty. Hold fast to what He has given you, revealed to you. Be not dismayed  or distressed as  you are worth all the gold in the world to Him. Hold fast to Your Confession of faith. Sing the victory song of heaven: 

OUR GOD reigns & His Dominion is from eternity past to eternity present.  Lo, I AM is always with us ….. PRESENT in every breath we make!    

  • Shine forth as the jewels of His crown
  • Amaze the world with Your resiliency
  • Be strong, be courageous
  • Know and Move in the WILL OF GOD for 2012
  • Make Your testimony count
  • Dwell continuously in the Presence of the MOST HOLY
  • Forewarn those to be in preparation of dread coming in order to snatch from hell the chosen ones’ of God’s glory
  • Turn back & Embrace the God who made you, secure your place in forever through trusting!

THE Joy of the LORD is Your Strength! (Nehemiah 8:10)


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  1. January 12, 2012 5:14 pm

    God bless you Linda & Gary… You are great examples of love servants who are uplifted and surrounded by God’s Angel Army.

    Praying for healing for your hurting, mending for your mission, abd greater grace for the gifts you have.

    Lovingly, Evelyn

  2. G. Chandler permalink
    January 16, 2012 4:48 pm

    Awesome as always!

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